Hull City of Culture 2017

One of the first events to mark the start of the City of Culture 2017 was 'Made in Hull', a celebration of the city compromising of various installations around the Hull City Centre. These installations included large-scale projections on buildings, illuminated skylines, soundscapes and live performances to celebrate the last 70 years of life in the city.

According to the local press an incredible 342,000 people descended upon the city to view this fantastic event. Due to the sheer amount of people in attendance it made it difficult to find a good spot to capture the projections on to the buildings in Queen Victoria Square so instead I focused my attentions on The Deep instead.

Below you can see some of the images taken and I've also included for reference the settings used at the time to capture them.

ISO 200 / 1.6 sec. / f/7.1 / 20mm

ISO 160 / 1.6 Sec. / f/8 / 20mm

ISO 200 / 1.6 Sec. / f/8 / 12mm

ISO 160 / 1.6 Sec. / f/8 / 35mm