Aysgarth Falls, North Yorkshire

On quite a few occasions I have been told by various people about the popular beauty spot situated in North Yorkshire called Aysgarth Falls, which is a triple flight of waterfalls surrounded by woodland walks, so I decided to dust off the tripod and a few neutral density (ND) filters and head north to see what I could capture.

The tripod and ND filters were required to allow me to take some long exposures (e.g. by using a slow shutter speed) and give the water that smooth milky effect thus giving a sense of movement. 

Settings: f/22, 0.6 Sec, ISO 100, -0.7 Exposure Compensation

The ND filters I own were around £5 from Amazon, cheap and cheerful, so I wasn't expecting anything special but the results were not bad at all especially as it was quite bright which meant it would make it harder to take a longer exposure. Due to the light conditions I ended up using a ND2, ND4 and ND8 all screwed together so I could use a slow enough shutter speed to capture the flowing waterfall.

Waterfall at Aysgarth Falls

I think that to help with these type of shots going forward I would maybe try and take them at a different time of day, for example at sunset, when the light wouldn't be as harsh, which would allow to take a longer exposure. Either that or invest in better ND filters I suppose.