Sunset at Paull & Saltend

This week I ventured to Paull and Saltend, an area just outside of the Hull eastern boundary, which I hadn't previously photographed before. As it was late in the evening it allowed me to get some practise using my Manfrotto tripod and gave me an opportunity to capture some shots at sunset.

Sunset at Paull

The image above was taken just after a big rain cloud had passed overhead and, combined with the sunset, made for some great colour in the sky. If I am being critical I think the composition could be better but I can always return to the area at a later date and try again.

Once the sun had disappeared I then moved on to Saltend and pitched up near to the BP Chemicals plant to take some long exposure shots, again using the tripod. Due to the low light shutter speeds of 20+ seconds were required to get optimal exposures and due to the windy weather it made for some interesting images of the cooling towers (shown below).

BP Chemicals, Saltend

Another two photographs taken at the time have also been added to the most recent images section on the main photography page.