New Equipment

This week some new inexpensive kit arrived this week to help with different aspects of my photography. The first item is an infrared remote control which allows me to control the shutter of my D5300 wirelessly and could be used for taking self portraits, studio use or wildlife photography.

Wired and infrared shutter release

The second item is essentially the same as the first item but has a wired connection that plugs in to the side of the camera, also referred to as the accessory terminal by Nikon. This again allows me to control the shutter of the camera but this device also allows me to shoot continuous bursts by holding the button down. Both products can be used to help avoid camera shake when shooting with a tripod while the wired remote can be used to activate long exposures (bulb).

This week I also returned to North Yorkshire and finally managed to capture the shot of the The Flying Scotsman which I intended to get last week! Obviously I am a little biased but think it has turned out okay this time.

The Flying Scotsman

A slight edit has also been made to the website and now some of my latest images are shown at the bottom of the photography page, which I will try and update on a regular basis.