Beverley Westwood

Recently I've not taken out the camera as much as I would have liked but the other week I was asked by a friend and fellow photographer Rich Smith if I wanted an early start to take some autumnal photographs at Beverley Westwood.

Snapping up the opportunity we met up on a cold morning at around 7am and made our away across to the instantly recognisable black mill. Luckily the weather was kind to us, with a smattering of clouds in the sky, so we setup our tripods as the sun started to rise to take our first photographs of the day.

Sunrise at Beverley Westwood

The use of a tripod was essential due to the longer shutter speeds we were using and this also helped make sure the camera remained still with no movement so the final picture was sharp throughout without any blurring. As you can see from the photograph above I was able to capture the sun just peaking out from the side of the mill while the mist in the background and colours in the sky made for a pleasant end product.

From the mill we then moved on and ventured in to the woodland where Rich spotted some mushrooms on the ground. To capture these in greater detail Rich suggested I used his macro lens and this was a good experience allowing me to practise a different style of photography getting in really close and taking some really detailed images.

Practising macro photography at Beverley Westwood

Finally as we made our way back to our cars we noticed some great light shining through the trees near a bench which made for another ideal capture. You can just make our the rays in the centre of the picture but the shot may have been a little rushed and with a change of settings I may have been able to bring them out even more to make a more striking image.

Autumnal photography at Beverley Westwood

That's it for this blog post but with a short break from work over Christmas coming up hopefully, in between visiting family and friends, I will find some time to take the camera out again. In the coming months I would like to photograph some of the iconic spots around Hull such as the Deep and Humber Bridge so I'll make sure to write up another blog post when I do.

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